Developing Entrepreneurial Skills in and beyond the Classroom

To share best practice each country develops an innovation module or method which they present in a workshop prepared by teachers and students. The results will be shown in seminars for teachers and students. One meeting will be an international conference where the results from the projects will be disseminated and implemented into future strategies.

The objectives are:

  1. providing students with entrepreneurial skills as well as innovative and creative thinking making them actors of their own development and future employees by establishing a learning environment where the teacher does not give answers but helps the students take on a positive attitude towards learning and asking questions.
  2. providing teachers with entrepreneurial skills and innovative thinking making them facilitators of new pedagogical approaches by bringing them together in workshops where they present examples of good practice, develop new methods and test it with students. Both students and teachers will subsequently self-evaluate the outcome. Instruments for this self-evaluation will be designed as part of the project.
  3. involving also the other stakeholders, e.g. businesses, parents, organizations, social workers, politicians, local community, in this process by disseminating results at a conference where the results are presented, discussed and evaluated.
  4. improving the quality of education, lifelong teacher training and enhancing the European dimension in our schools by introducing entrepreneurial culture, e.g. young enterprises
  5. using an innovative ICT platform to communicate and coordinate by setting up a project website, having students and teachers use Web 2.0 applications, e.g. social networks, e-twinning, videoconferencing
  6. bringing together students and teachers from the partner countries, so they experience the diversity of cultures, languages and ways of learning and teaching - and thus learn from each other at seminars, meetings and conferences in the partner countries.