Entry questionnaire concerning "entrepreneurship at schools" and its results
  Entry questionnaire concerning entrepreneurship at schoolsdownloads: 1518 | type: pdf | size: 10 kB
  Results of the French entry questionnairedownloads: 1513 | type: pdf | size: 142 kB
  Results of the German entry quesitonnairedownloads: 1486 | type: pdf | size: 194 kB
  Results of the Spanish entry questionnairedownloads: 1552 | type: pdf | size: 446 kB
  Results of the Swedish entry questionnairedownloads: 1465 | type: pdf | size: 245 kB
  DESIC songdownloads: 1476 | type: mp3 | size: 2 MB

The song the project group at Horsens recorded, using phrases students had written down as their image of an international entrepreneurial spirit.

  Spanish Comenius welcome (video clip)downloads: 1543 | type: mp4 | size: 6 MB

This clip was made by students and teachers of Las Flores school in Àlora - a document of true European spirit!

Newspaper articles
  "Arrancan las actividades con motivo del Día Internacional de los Museos" (alora.es, 14-05-12)downloads: 1466 | type:  | size: 4 kB

Online article on alora.es about the visit of the Comenius group in Spain, please click this link: http://www.alora.es/Inicio/N.asp?IdArticulo=3768

  "Alumnos del proyecto COMENIUS visitan el Museo Municipal" (video on alora.es, 14-05-12)downloads: 1371 | type:  | size: 4 kB

Video clip about the visit of the municipal museum in Alora, Spain. Please click on the following link: http://www.alora.es/Inicio/V.asp?IdVideo=789&pag=3

  French press 2011-2013downloads: 1324 | type: pdf | size: 2 MB

A collection of French newspaper articles about the DESIC project, spanning 2011-2013

  "Innovative Lernmethoden aus fünf Ländern" (Ruhrnachrichten, 20-03-12)downloads: 1314 | type: pdf | size: 339 kB

Report about the meeting in Castrop-Rauxel, taken from "Ruhrnachrichten", March 20, 2012. In German (title translated: "Innovative learning methods of five countries")