Welcome to the project website of the EU Comenius project


Developing Entrepreneurial Skills and Innovation
in and beyond the Classroom


This project is a cooperation between five schools from Denmark, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

In the future, Europe has to be innovative in order to face global challenges successfully. It's important to be proactive on all levels, nationally, locally, institutionally and individually. The aim of the project is to develop entrepreneurial skills in and beyond the classroom, as to increase all stakeholders' abilities to lead innovation and change within their own schools. Partner schools will endeavour to develop different innovative styles of teaching. In doing so, the focus is on the pedagogical and didactical approaches and not so much on specific topics. Thus, it is adaptable to a multitude of courses and subjects allowing us to encompass all secondary education.
Developing entrepreneurial skills is only possible through cooperative leadership when there is an open discussion on the relevant subjects between stakeholders of all partner institutions. The role of the school leader is to encourage and support the teachers and other stakeholders to be more innovative in the way they teach in order to involve the students. The students should be active in their learning processes and actively take charge of their lives as adult Europeans, both on an individual level and in collaboration. To make this happen, the teacher plays a vital role as a coach in creating a learning environment where she/he helps students finding questions instead of just providing answers.